icengineworks-about.jpgThe icengineworks® (Internal Combustion Engine works) product line was developed by engineer, designer, and motorhead Victor Franco.   Victor's passion and strong inventive abilities helped him to develop solutions to problems he was encountering in his own automotive shop.  "We were building headers just like everyone else, or at least attempting to do so if the piles of scrap tubing were any indication." states Franco.  "We knew in our minds what we wanted to build, but struggled to produce our designs easily and economically."  The EH or Exhaust Header Series was the first to be launched which later led to the development of the NP Series for turbo manifolds and the FE Series for full exhaust. The mission of icengineworks is to help our customers design and fabricate complex tubular assemblies quickly, efficiently and in a fun and predictable way. These systems can be utilized but anyone with basic metalworking and welding skills with minimal tools required.

Mocking up either a simple or complicated exhaust header in the confines in which it must live and work was always a chore. A chore often not approached with great enthusiasm. Times have changed. Now, all the mistakes can be made quick and easy, then get on with the job. It is so easy now that one quickly loses the tendency to shrug and say “that’s good enough.”

Recall, if you will, the fellows that built the original magnificent “bundle of snakes” exhaust systems on the Le Mans winning Ford GT’s of the mid-1960’s. Those guys were blessed with an enormous level of skill and artistry. If those extraordinary fabricators were to look at Franco’s header modeling system today, they surely would ask: “Where was this guy when we needed him?”