1-3/4" OD Basic Exhaust Header Modeling Set, 154 Pieces

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This exhaust header fabrication system will allow you to easily design custom exhaust headers. The blocks snap together to model header primaries. Included with each block kit are both straight and curved blocks, which represent 1 inch arc length of tubing. This kit includes enough blocks to model one side of a V8 engine. All EH Series blocks are compatible and can be connected to simulate stepped headers.


  • (30) Straight blocks, 1750-00
  • (30) 2 inch radius blocks, 1750-20
  • (30) 3 inch radius blocks, 1750-30
  • (30) 4 inch radius blocks, 1750-40
  • (30) 6 inch radius blocks, 1750-60
  • (4) Block adapters, 1750BA
  • Manual
  • Control sheet pad
  • Plastic case